Guidance principles

Charges that are fair, simple and clear

It’s important that we do more to reduce costs of connections work, improve transparency, and invest in providing the capacity that is needed to support the housing growth agenda.

The guiding principles recognise the importance that customers (e.g. developers, self-lay providers, new appointees, self and custom build) attach to stability in costs, including project viability. In particular the charges quoted by water and wastewater companies before work begins should be realistic, fair and reliable.

The government’s general Charging Guidance to Ofwat was issued in January 2016 and this set the overarching statement of charging policy and principles. There are four overarching government principles for charging in respect of water and sewerage services:

  • Stable and predictable charges
  • Transparent and customer focused charging
  • Fairness and affordability
  • Environmental protection

We’re working to ensure that charges are simple, fair and clear and are finalised at the earliest opportunity to allow you to plan and budget for new developments more effectively.

We won’t be collecting any more income from our customers as a whole, the balance will remain the same. The way we charge and how these charges are distributed may be different.

This charging guidance applies to water and wastewater services, whether in a household or non-household (commercial) premises.