Connecting to mains supply

If your water supply is currently from a borehole or spring you may be able to connect to mains supply.


If there’s a water main nearby, you’ll need to apply to connect to it, providing details on your house and what you need. We’ll review your application and let you know if a connection is possible, we'll then send you details on where you should lay your water pipes in order to connect to the mains supply. We'll also include a quote for us to connect your supply.


Below is a guide on what you need to do to connect your house to mains supply, and a link to the application forms.


If you need any help please contact us

  • Step 1 – Before you apply (you)

    • Have you checked if there's mains supply in your local area? There are maps available that provide this information and a number of companies offer them, including United Utilities. If you would like to buy a map from us please see our Property Searches service.

    • In order to connect to a water main you may need to lay your pipework through land that you don’t own. It would be worthwhile at this stage finding out who owns the neighbouring land as you will need to get their permission to lay a water pipe in their land, and you will also need access to repair and maintain it.
  • Step 2 – Complete application form (you)

    When you’re ready to apply for a water connection please send us the following:

    • A site location plan (including site address, postcode and x - y co-ordinates).
    • A full site layout plan clearly showing the proposed route and point of entry for the new connection.  
    • The application fee of £96.00 (incl VAT) plus an additional connections fee of £40.80 (incl VAT) for each subsequent connection. For more information please refer to our charges scheme, details on how to pay are in the application form and the charges scheme.

    If you don't need your water supply within six months, we can provide a free estimate.

  • Step 3 – Quote (us)

    We’ll review your application and visit your site to assess your connection requirements. Within 28 calendar days we’ll send you:

    • A fixed quote specific to your project.
    • A scheme drawing showing the point of connection.
    • Relevant schematics for pipework installation. 

    If you choose a fixed priced quote, the price will be valid up to the end of March 2021. Any connections made after this date will be charged at the new rates in our 2020/21 charges scheme.

    When laying your pipes we would suggest using an approved plumber. It will mean your pipework is compliant with the regulations around the supply of water, and it will speed up the connection process.

  • Step 4 – Accept quote (you)

    If you're happy with the quote, please sign and return the quote acceptance form.

  • Step 5 – Complete site works (you)

    Before asking for the connection to be made, you’ll need to complete all work required on site. This will be detailed in the pipework specification drawing supplied with the quote.

  • Step 6 – Pipe inspection (us)

    For 25mm or 32mm pipes

    If you’ve used a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme) plumber, you can provide a WIAPS certificate.

    If you’ve used a non-WIAPS registered plumber we will need to inspect the pipes.

    For pipes 63mm and above

    We need to inspect all pipework that's 63mm and above, we will also require a pressure test certificate and a chlorination certificate.

    If the supply is 80mm or greater we will also need to see the laboratory sample pass results.

    Let us know when the pipework is ready for inspection, giving us at least five days’ notice. Please note if the inspection fails, and a re-inspection is required, there is an additional fee of £91.20 (incl VAT).

    Please also send us written confirmation of the new postal address, on letter headed paper, from the local authority (street naming and numbering department).

  • Step 7 – Complete a request for work form (you)

    Once you’ve supplied all of the information above, please complete a Request for work form (PDF 213 KB opens in a new window). This is a checklist to ensure that all necessary work has been completed.

  • Step 8 – Connection made and meter installed (us)

    Once we’ve received all of the information outlined above, we’ll make the connection and install the meters. This will be within 21 calendar days, subject to any traffic management restrictions which will be detailed in your quote. 

    When the connection has been completed we will send you an invoice for the work.

  • Step 9 – Set up account (us)

    Once the supply has been connected and the meter installed, the information will be sent to our billing department who will create your account.