Customer Redress

The customer redress scheme has been developed against a number of key service measures based upon customer feedback and includes both financial and non-financial elements.

Although we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers, on occasion we may fall short. If it is established by us that we have fallen short on a service provided to you, we will offer the following forms of voluntary redress.

Financial – this will cover services that we feel would affect your ability to competitively tender for contestable works or creates a delay to the progress of construction works. The services covered along with the amount offered are covered in the Table 1 below.

When financial redress is applicable, it will be allocated automatically, within 60 days, back to the customer who made payment to us for the services.

Non-financial – we currently publish quarterly reports on our Levels of Service (LoS) as a percentage figure against each service. From June 2018 we will also include a count of these activities so that a customer can see exactly how we have performed against each measure.

As part of our ongoing stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement, we will continuously review our redress scheme based on the feedback we receive.

LoS ref   Title Financial redress payable
W23.1 Self-lay and terms requesting <500 plots etc. quotations. Written terms to be issued within a period of 14 days commencing on the day after receipt of as full application. £200.00 

Self-lay water for pressure/ bacteriological testing - provided.
Provide a source of supply for pressure and bacteriological testing within (i) 28 days commencing on the day after receipt of a written request or (ii) such longer period as may be agreed with the SLP where there are engineering difficulties /requirements for off-site reinforcement/Schedule 13 WIA 1991 constraints or where the SLP requests an extended period.

W27.1 Self-lay permanent water supply - provided. Provide a permanent supply connection within 14 days commencing on the day following notification in writing of satisfactory pressure and bacteriological testing of the self-lay mains. £500.00

Self-lay plot references and costing details.
Issue plot reference information and costing details within 14 days commencing on the day following written notification of (service) connections call-off by the SLP.


The above values are applicable from 2nd April 2018 and will be reviewed periodically.

To see how our levels of service compare to the other water companies please visit the Water UK website.