Charges Scheme

Our New Connections and Developer Services Charges Scheme for 2019/20 is now available (PDF 182 KB opens in a new window).  In this document you will find all of our charges that will apply for 2018/19 for new connection services.  United Utilities have actively engaged with the industry and locally with you our customers as part of our ongoing consultation to develop our charges. We will continue to consult with you as we transition to the new charges.

Transition arrangements

As we transition to the Charges Scheme for 2018/19 and the new rules that come into effect, we have been working with Water UK to agree a set of principles by which all companies will base their charges during the transition period for site specific work and infrastructure charges.   These are detailed below.

Site specific work transitional arrangements

In relation to site specific work the following applies:

  • Quotations for some Site Specific work provided under the old rules, and accepted before 1st April 2018 are to continue to apply until 1st April 2023 unless the customer and the company agree to vary the quotation.
  • Where a legal agreement is already in place in relation to charges for Site Specific work carried out as part of an adoption, then the charges defined within that agreement remain valid for the life of the agreement unless the customer and the company agree to vary those charges.
  • Charges relating to the old charging rules, will be adjusted by inflation if the quotation or legal agreement includes an appropriate provision for adjusting the charges.
  • Applications received between 1st February 2018, and the 31st March 2018 for Site Specific work that will be carried out after 1st April 2018, will be quoted on either the old rules, or the new charging rules. Developers and SLPs will be invited to choose their preferred method.
  • Developers or SLPs that have received a quotation or draft adoption agreement under the old rules, but have not formally accepted can re-apply after the 1st February 2018 for a quotation in accordance with the new charging rules.

So what happens next:

  • Up until the 31st March you will still get a quote based on 2017/18 charges and rules – these quotes will only apply for 3 months to aid transition
  • In addition we also produce a ‘Information only note’ based on the rules that will then apply and what you may pay for to support you in the decision making process
  • Up until the 31st March we will continue to review existing schemes that require offsite reinforcement already provided to determine the next course of action and will contact you if necessary

Infrastructure charges transitional arrangements

In relation to infrastructure charges the following applies:

  • For connections completed before the 31st March 2018 infrastructure will be charged at the 2017/18 rates
  • For connections completed from the 1st April 2018 infrastructure charges will be applied dependent on when the main or sewer was laid as detailed below:
    • After 1st April 2018, connections made to a main or sewer that was provided as a requisition under s98 or s41 of the WIA 1991 between 1991, and April 2018 will be charged under the old infrastructure charge in accordance with licence condition C. The charges recovered in accordance with licence condition C are capped at the method outlined in the condition.
      • Seperate charges are payable for water and sewerage connections
      • The old infrastructure charge for 2018/19 will be £379.63 for water and £379.63 for sewerage
    • After 1st April 2018, connections made to assets other than those above will be charged in accordance with the new infrastructure charge as defined in the Charges Scheme Rules. The new infrastructure charges are detailed in the 2018/19 charges scheme

Self-lay charges and asset payments/income offset calculations

Since the introduction of our new Developer Services charges scheme on 1st April 2018, we have published all charges and the methodology of how we calculate payments to you when a main is self-laid. In order for self-lay providers and developers to calculate the financial breakdown of future schemes, without having to contact us, we have developed a tool which allows you to do this. The self-lay tool can be accessed here.

Infrastructure charges for sustainable developments

For 2018/19 a reduced rate will apply to infrastructure charges for developments which meet specified qualifying criteria. This discount only applies to the infrastructure charge in the 2018/19 charges scheme.

Water Infrastructure Discount

Qualifying criteria Where you can demonstrate, using the Water Calculator, that properties are built with water efficient fittings and fixed appliances that would not exceed the potential consumption of 110 litres or less of water per person per day.

How do I apply?

Additional Information

  • The Water Calculator is designed to help compliance with The Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations Approved Document G. It is designed for the ‘whole house’. All parts of the calculator need to be completed to obtain a correct result. Missing information will be highlighted if a whole house is not completed.
  • The Water Calculator uses the methodology and formulae laid down by the UK Government Department for Communities and Local Government.
  • The Water Calculator uses products registered in the WEPLS database (Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme) It also allows manual additions for products that are not yet listed in WEPLS.
  • Products registered in the WEPLS database fully conform with the requirements of the Water Regulations 1999

Sewerage Infrastructure Discount

Qualifying criteria Where you can demonstrate that properties are built with no surface water connection to the public sewer.  Surface water will need to drain to either a watercourse or an infiltration system, via a private or adoptable sewer network, and not through an existing public sewer.

How do I apply?

  • To apply for a discount on your sewerage infrastructure you must identify your request on your application for water services.
  • Provide supporting evidence in the form of a drainage layout plan that confirms drainage connectivity of the properties affected by the application
  • Note that you will be audited to verify the application

In the meantime if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on 0345 072 6067 or email our developer services team.