Ashworth Moor

Ashworth Moor

With views across Rochdale, Ramsbottom, Manchester and Bury, Ashworth Moor reservoir offers a peaceful circular walk, with access to longer and more challenging trails across the Pennines.  

Located less than an hour away from Bury, Rochdale and Blackburn and accessible by public transport, it's a great place to walk the dog or spend some time with the family.  

A great spot for bird watchers, you might spot Raptors such as Merlin, Kestrels and Buzzards. There is also a great variety of aquatic species including Cormorants, Teal and Goosanders. 

Location   Opening Hours   Parking   Public Transport

Edenfield Road, Cheeseden, OL12 7TY.

Tel: 017060 221 195.

  Open all day, every day.   No car park, however parking available on Enfield and Ashworth Roads.   842 bus route runs from Rochdale along Edenfield Road. Connecting buses (number 483) run from Bury to the 842 stop at Coach and Horses pub. The 481 bus route runs from Blackburn to the 842 stop at Grasmere Road, Helmshore.
Walking   Birdwatching        
Circular walking route around the reservoir with access to longer trails and walks over the moors, including the Pennine Way.   A great spot for birdwatching including raptors such as Buzzards, Kestrels and Merlin.        


We want to share our beautiful sites with you, and we ask you enjoy them in a manner that allows others to enjoy them after you, this includes:

  • Following the Countryside Code - Respect, Protect and Enjoy.
  • Taking your litter home, or using the available bins.
  • Keeping dogs under control for the safety of livestock and others.
  • Respecting farmers at work on the land by leaving gates as you find them.
  • Sticking to paths when walking, running or cycling. This helps us protect the sensitive ecosystems that form the habitats on our sites.
  • Please help guard against wildfires by not bringing BBQ’s and taking care with disguarded cigarettes.

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