Morecambe's beaches

Image of a beach

We've completed updates to Morecambe wastewater treatment works, upgrading the existing treatment process so that it uses the latest technologies and ensures the effluent leaving the works meets Environment Agency standards.

What we did

We built two large storm water storage tanks and new pumps at Schola Green pumping station and updated the wastewater treatment works at Morecambe. We also laid a new 7km sewer pipe between the two sites. We've doubled the capacity at Morecambe treatment works to reduce the amount and duration of spills during times of heavy rainfall to help ensure that the coastal waters at Morecambe Bay comply with the new European Union bathing water standards.

For more information, please visit our corporate website or you can read more about it in our guide to help improve bathing waters in Morecambe (PDF 719 KB opens in a new window).