Blackpool South

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Improving bathing waters and protecting from potential flooding in Blackpool South

We may not be able to control the rainfall, but during times of heavy rain there are things we can do to reduce the effects on bathing water quality and help to protect homes and businesses from flooding. 

That's what we've done at Blackpool South. We've increased the capacity of the sewer network, reduced the volume of surface water entering the sewer network and updated the existing wastewater pumping station at Lennox Gate.

The steps we took

We built an underground storage tank in Fishers Field on Highfield Road to hold excess storm water; once the rain subsides, the water will be released back into the sewer system as normal to be cleaned. Now that construction has been completed, the field has been handed back to the council.

We also layed new sections of pipe from our Lennox Gate pumping station to connect the tank at Fishers Field into the existing sewer (our Lennox Gate pumping station was in need of some updating to bring it up to modern standards, so we've done some work improving it too!).

Our survey team identified the locations of surface water (rainwater) connections to the sewer network. So team has disconnected these and directed this surface water directly to sea via a brand new dedicated surface water pumping station.

Oh, we nearly forgot: we’ve replaced our existing stormwater outfall pipe at Harrowside, as well! It now extends to around 1km, allowing the stormwater to disperse further out to sea.

You can read more about it in our Backpool South leaflet (PDF 380 KB opens in a new window)