Greater Manchester

As more and more people and businesses locate to the area we need to provide essential services to meet both current and future demands. Which is why we're investing so much in Greater Manchester.

Our projects are looking at ways to improve how we get clean water to, and then wastewater from, your homes and businesses. As part of that, we're working on improving the quality of rivers and watercourses in the region, including investing £200 million to improve Davyhulme, Oldham and Royton Wastewater Treatment Works, and laying new pipelines. We're also throwing ourselves (not literally!) into improving the water quality in the Manchester Ship Canal, the River Irwell, River Irk and the River Croal. So it's good news for the people - and the fish - of Greater Manchester.

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Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works

Oldham and Royton