We've got a lot to thank Cumbria for.....

Not just does it contain some of Britain’s most stunning scenery, it’s the source of much of the precious water in our region. For many of us our morning cuppa has started its journey from here.

We’re committed to doing our bit to safeguard the natural environment around here, improving and protecting the lakes, rivers and reservoirs. We also do all we can to help life flow smoothly for our customers in the local community.

There's so much we are going to be doing to help keep Cumbria flowing.

Find out more about our proposals here.    

Even cleaner water on tap for Carlisle

We're constantly working to improve the supply and quality of your water so you continue to receive clean, fresh water for your morning shower and to enjoy a great cuppa.

Some of the pipes which supply water to almost 43,000 properties in the Carlisle area are over 90 years old. Over time, natural mineral deposits have built up inside and although these deposits are not harmful, they can sometimes cause the water to become discoloured.

We've started a programme of work to clean and refurbish just over 30km of water pipes to improve the quality of water for customers in the Carlisle area.