Our work to replace water pipes along the A6, Stockport

Reservoirs, aqueducts, treatment works and a network of over 42,000 kilometres (km) of water pipes help us to deliver high-quality drinking water to homes and business across the North West region. 

But problems and issues do occur, and we’re really sorry that bursts at different points on a stretch of water pipe along the A6 have caused several periods of disruption and inconvenience for our customers in Stockport. 

We started phase one of our programme to replace around 4.5km of water pipe on Tuesday 6 April 2021. The work will provide a stronger network and improve the reliability of water supply for our customers.

As the A6 is a key route, we've been liaising with Stockport highways team to gain permission and agreement when the work could take place. There will be 24-hour working as we install the new pipe across some of the more sensitive or major road junctions. We've also been been working with Transport for Greater Manchester to minimise the disruption to bus services.

We're currently working on phase two and our traffic information page provides further details of any road closures or access restrictions. You can find all the latest public transport travel advice here We understand roadworks are inconvenient, our customer team will make sure businesses and the community are kept updated as the work progresses.

  • What will the work involve?

    Starting at the Longshut Lane junction, the work will progress in phases along the A6 towards Macclesfield Road as we install the new water pipe.  We're currently working on phase two and expect all phases of work will be finished in early autumn 2021. The overview map indicates the route and section of the pipe that we'll be replacing.

    We'll be using a variety of renewal methods which will include:

    • Inserting new durable pipe inside the existing cast iron water main which means we won't have to dig as many holes along the route.
    • Removing sections of the existing cast iron water main and replacing with a completely new pipe.  This method will be a little more disruptive as it requires a continuous trench section to be dug.


  • Traffic management

    We understand the A6 is a busy part of the Stockport road network and we'll do all we can to minimise the disruption for residents, businesses and road users while we're working.  We'll need to put in place some temporary traffic management so that the work can be carried out safely.

    We're still finalising the design and confirmed programme for some phases of our work and have details of the proposed traffic management arrangements that will be required. Our customer team will provide regular updates as the work progresses.

    Most of the work will be carried out with a lane closure or traffic lights, but there will be some locations where we'll need to introduce temporary closures or access restrictions on some of the adjoining roads.  Diversion routes will be clearly signed and we'll do all we can to maintain as much access to properties and businesses as possible.

    We'll provide regular updates and details of any changes in the dedicated traffic management section, so you can see where we're currently working and any associated traffic restrictions. 


  • Keeping taps flowing

    We've made some temporary changes to the way water flows to homes and businesses so we can replace the pipe along the A6. We've routed water into the area via different pipes, so that you still receive high quality water while the work takes place. 

    The flow changes were made carefully to help avoid causing disturbance. Customer can sometimes experience a slight fluctuation of water pressure or some temporary discolouration to your tap water. We understand this can look unpleasant, but please don't worry, this is quite common when the water is moved along different pipes. It will be a temporary issue and we have further advice and help to get things back to normal again.

  • Construction activity

    We know that roadworks and construction activity can be disruptive and inconvenient - we'll do all we can to help keep traffic flowing and minimise disturbing the community.

    The type of equipment and machinery we need to use will create noise and vibrations so we really do appreciate your patience. We'll create some temporary compound areas to accommodate equipment, materials and the welfare facilities for our team.

  • Next steps

    We’ve now started work to install the new water pipe and will make sure we keep the community updated as our programme of work progresses.

    If you have any queries and would like to get in touch please give our friendly team a call on 0345 672 3723 and quote project number 80060202.  We’ll be happy to help.


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