Frequently asked questions

Keeping the taps flowing and the loos flushing

  • I’m still seeing your employees driving around when everyone has been told to stay at home?

    As an essential service provider a large number of our employees have been classed as key workers by the government. We are making sure that any employees who can work at home are doing so in line with government advice but it’s essential that we have teams out in the North West helping to keep the taps flowing and the loos flushing.

  • Is my drinking water safe?

    The advice from the World Health Organisation is that the water treatment process – specifically the addition of chlorine which is routinely used for disinfection – will kill the virus.

  • What happens if your staff become ill, will the water stop flowing?

    As an essential service provider we are putting in place a range of measures to help protect our employees and prepare contingency plans to ensure the taps keep flowing and the loos keep flushing. 

  • I’ve got no toilet roll at home, can I flush kitchen paper instead?

    Please remember to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Please do not flush kitchen roll, wet wipes or newspaper down the toilet as these can cause major sewer blockages, bin them instead.

Health and safety

  • Why have you still got office based workers, shouldn’t they all be at home?

    As part of the governments essential services we have teams working hard to provide financial support and helping customers facing vulnerable circumstances so get the extra support they need. Some of our office based teams are essential to provide support to the teams out maintaining and repairing the water and wastewater networks.

  • I’m more reliant on water than others due to a health condition, are you offering extra support?

    Yes, our priority services scheme is in place to help customers who have a particular health issue and need additional support – you can sign up for free here.

  • Are you stopping meter readers entering homes?

    Yes, following the latest government advice we’ve stopped our teams from taking meter readings when it involves entering a customer’s home. Instead, when it is time for your next bill we will ask that you submit a meter readings via our website or mobile app. If we don’t receive a meter reading we will bill you using an estimate.

  • Are you conducting any other house visits?

    Where it’s essential to provide customers with continued access to water or the removal of waste water then we may need access to a property. The health and safety of customers and our employees is really important to us, and we’re asking for your help and support to protect them, you and your families. We hope you understand that we will be checking whether anybody in the home is ill or in self-isolation. 


  • I’m struggling to pay my bill, what help are you providing?

    We have a range of schemes available depending on your specific circumstances that offer help when struggling to pay or even if you are having to use more water in the home. Click here to find more information on the schemes we have available.

  • I’m washing my hands all the time, will this increase my water bill?

    Customers without a water meter pay a fixed yearly charge for their water and wastewater services so the extra hand washing will not increase their bill. For our customers with a water meter, their bill depends on the amount of water used, however the cost of running the tap for 20 seconds is around 1.5p.

  • I usually pay my bill via a payment stub in the post office or at a bank, what can I do now?

    It’s really important to follow the government advice and not leave home unless you really have to. We have different ways you can pay such as our automated payment line 0800 980 6050 and our website.