Retailer sensitive customers

As part of our commitment to ensuring that sensitive customers are adequately protected during an incident, we’ve a sensitive customer team within our Wholesale service desk team. Their responsibility will be to work with you and with our internal operational teams to ensure we can manage your customer’s needs.

Our sensitive customer guidance should enable you to correctly identify which of your customers should be marked as ‘sensitive’ in the market data set. 

We recognise that some customers have specific needs that go beyond our standard water and wastewater services. Where such arrangements already exist we will make new retailers aware of these so that the arrangements can continue if required.

Public Health Site Specific Arrangements (PHSSA)
For the most sensitive customers, for example hospitals and prisons, we’ll work with you to put plans in place to ensure that your customer’s water supply needs are met during an incident or event. 

Non Public Health Site Specific Arrangements (NPHSSA)
In some circumstances, it may be necessary for you to enter into an agreement with us to provide a NPHSSA for your customer, for example where they’re particularly sensitive to changes in water source. Should such an agreement be required, please contact the relationship management team who’ll guide you through the process on 0345 070 2059, or by e-mail. Where any such agreements are in place, any planned events will also take into consideration your customers’ requirements.