Water supply problems?

The information here should help you if you have a problem or if you want to let us know about something.

Problems with water quality

Having great water delivered everyday will be important to your business whether that’s because you use it in a manufacturing process or you serve it to customers or your employees. Very occasionally we get calls from customers who think something isn’t quite right. Here’s some information to help.

Your water looks different

Sometimes there are lots of tiny air bubbles in the water, making it look white or milky. If we’ve been working in the area and the pipes are disturbed, the water be discoloured for a short period of time – but don’t worry it’s harmless.

It just doesn’t taste right

In this section we cover the most common questions we get from customers about the smell and taste of their water.

Marks and staining around water fittings

Occasionally we get questions about staining and slime – biofilm’s the technical term. This is usually nothing to do with the water we supply but there’s advice and information to be had.

More information about your water

If you need to know more about the chemical composition of your water, please use our postcode search, which will give you all the facts and figures you should need.

No water?

No water?

Find out what to do if you have no water