Vlogstars 2017 competition

We asked over 500 schools across the North West to take part in our competition to find the next YouTube Vlogging sensation.

Teenagers aged between 13 and 17 have sent us their brilliant videos to help spread the word that wipes are bad news for loos and help reduce blockages and sewer flooding to homes, gardens, rivers and beaches. Our fantastic finalists now need your votes for them to get crowned Vlogstars champions 2017.

How to vote for your favourite

All you need to do to make your favourite a winner is vote below, or like their video on our YouTube Vlogstars playlist. The video with the most votes wins! Closing date is 24 November 2017.

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Fleur, Jessica and Charlotte, St Bernard's Catholic High School

"We are facing a terrible problem, people are flushing wipes down the WC!"

Ethan and Jacob, Morecambe Community High School

"Blockages caused by non-lavatory items being flushed costs £10 million per year"

Jacob, All Hallows Catholic High School

"I think the wet wipe crisis is a growing problem that is blocking the sewers of the UK"

Conor, Lytham High School

"Wipes are the main culprits of blockages. Educating people could make a huge difference"

Chloe, St Helens College 14-16 Academy

"Are they truly flushable? Sadly not, wipes are too thick to flush!"

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