Decorative image - West Cumbria water supplies project

West Cumbria water supplies project

"But it’s always raining!" Well, yes - that's right! It may come as a surprise to hear we need to save and secure water supplies in the region.

Why? It all comes down to the area’s unique environment.

Ennerdale, its lake and the River Ehen, play host to protected species. It’s a very special place and we want to make sure we do our bit to keep it this way. Unless we reduce the amount of water we take from these naturally occurring water sources, we risk doing long-term damage to the wildlife that relies on them.

We will need to stop using Ennerdale as a source of water by 2022, when the Environment Agency will withdraw the abstraction licence for Ennerdale.

We will be linking West Cumbria to the rest of our regional water network via a major new pipeline from Thirlmere to West Cumbria, constructing a new water treatment works, pumping stations and underground service reservoirs. By tapping into the spare capacity at Thirlmere reservoir and with careful planning, we will make sure there is minimal long term environmental impact.

So there will always be enough water on tap for West Cumbria's households and businesses, whilst giving nature a helping hand.

West Cumbria water supplies project