Customer performance

The table below details our customer measures and targets to 2020. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress against our Business Principle commitment to provide a great service to our customers.

For further explanation on the measures and targets used and to understand the verification process for our data, please see our Annual Performance Report.

Business Principle Commitment:

Measure Target to 2020 2016/17 Performance 2015/16 Performance
Deliver customer service you can rely on and be easy to do business with

Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM)

Upper quartile 2nd quartile 3rd quartile
Communicate in a way that is appropriate and easy to understand Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) Upper quartile 2nd quartile 3rd quartile
Provide a safe, clean and reliable water supply now and in the future Reliable water service index ≥100 77.8 16.4
Dispose of your wastewater and reduce the risk of sewer flooding Sewer flooding index ≤68.1



  Wastewater network performance index ≤93.4 89.5 91.0
Deliver services that are essential to protect public health Water Quality (WQ) service index


116.9 120.5
Listen to and understand our individual customer's needs and deliver a service that meets them Delivering out commitments to developers, local authorities and highway authorities ≥95% 97.5%  95%
Make sure our customers and their details remain safe Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) compliance Compliant Compliant Compliant
Provide bills that represent good value for money whilst supporting households who struggle to pay Customers saying we offer value for money ≥53% 52% 50%