Good news about your bill

We’ve got some good news about your bill

This year, recognising that bills are increasing across many utilities, we want to do our bit to help. This is why we are giving all our customers* a discount off their bills. This discount is a one off sum for 2014/15 only.

Although the price limit set by our regulator, Ofwat , would have allowed us to increase our charges by more than inflation this year we have made the decision to apply this discount. As a result of the discount our charges overall will be rising by less than inflation. We hope at a time when budgets are stretched this is a bit of welcome news.

The discount will appear as a credit on the first bill you receive for 2014/15 under the heading ‘2014 special discount’. This is a unique discount for United Utilities only, if you have premises outside of the United Utilities charging area, you will not receive a discount for those premises.

How it has been calculated..

For our non-household customers, this discount has been calculated as 1.2 per cent discount per service based on your bill of 2013-2014. Therefore, you will see a discount for water and a discount for wastewater** on your bill. The discount has been calculated based on your total consumption for 2013/14.

People who move
If you moved into your premises mid way through the financial year 2013/14 then your discount will be pro-rated based on the consumption registered on your account so that you receive the full benefit of the discount.

Trade Effluent
If you are charged for trade effluent then you will receive your discount based on you 2013/14 trade effluent charges, your next invoice containing 2014/15 charges will contain the discount. e.g. if you are an annually invoiced customer then you will see your 2014 Special Discount on your invoice received in April/ May 2015.

Multiple Sites
If you have multiple sites in the United Utilities region, then the discount will be applied on an individual account basis, this will not be given in one lump sum for all your accounts held.

You don’t have to do anything to receive this discount – it has already been applied to your account and will be shown on your next bill***.

*to be eligible to receive the discount you must be registered as a United Utilities customer on 01 April 2014
**Wastewater contains surface water highways drainage, and foul effluent charges
***this discount will be applied to the next bill containing 2014/15 charges you receive from us. Depending on when you normally receive your bill, this could be between February 2014 and May 2015.

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